Unregistered health practitioners

Recent laws in Australia (NZ to follow suit) classify SCENAR practitioners as unregistered health practitioners.  This is by way of a catch all for naturopaths, massage therapists, SCENAR practitioners etc.

An unregistered practitioner is any health practitioner, who is not required to be registered under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW), or who provides services that are unrelated to their registration.

A code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners came into effect 1 August 2008.  As from 1 September 2012, minor changes to the code were made with which unregistered health service practitioners (i.e. SCENAR therapy practitioners) are required to comply.

What is it about?

The code sets out minimum practice and ethical standards.  We, as SCENAR practitioners are required to comply with these.  The code of conduct also informs consumers what they can expect from practitioners and the mechanisms by which they may complain about conduct or services provided by us.

To read about the key aspects of the code follow this link to our website.  If you would like to read more details about the various National Codes try here.

How does this affect the association?  How does it affect me?

We will change our membership categories to differentiate between practitioners and non-practitioners.

Currently we have ASSOCIATE members who are practitioners and ASSOCIATE members who do not practice.  All MEMBER and CSP members are practitioners.

[sm_hr]To reflect the fact that ASSOCIATE members not currently practicing don’t have to comply with the new code, we need to establish a new category of membership.

ASSOCIATE members who do not practice do not need to change.
The name of your membership category will be changed to “ASSOCIATE-Non Practitioner”

[sm_hr]ASSOCIATE members who do provide SCENAR therapy to the public will now need to be transferred to a new membership category called “ASSOCIATE – Practitioner”.  As such, you will be required to:

  • adhere to the policies of the code
  • If practicing in NSW, display the code in your place of business.
  • take out Public Indemnity Insurance (if not already held)
  • adhere to our practitioner First Aid training requirements
  • subscribe to the Association CPD requirements

[sm_hr]MEMBER category and CSP members will be required to:

  • adhere to the policies of the code
  • display the code in your place of business (if practicing in NSW)

(As a Member or CSP you already have Public Indemnity Insurance, First Aid and already subscribe to the Associations’s CPD requirements.)

[hr]Action required:

Everybody:  Please Read the code here .


If you are currently an Associate and you provide SCENAR therapy to the public:

    1. You may be eligible to upgrade to Member or CSP® (check the membership criteria here). Otherwise you must transfer across to the new category: Associate – Practitioner.   Please note: TRANSFER IS NOT AUTOMATIC.  (If you do not action this transfer, from 1 July 2014 you will re-categorised as a non-practitioner associate and will be removed from the website listing. 
    2. Take out Public Indemnity Insurance to a level of $2M and forward the details.  If you already have this insurance please forward details to the office.
    3. If you have a current First Aid certificate please forward this to the office.  Otherwise, please complete a First Aid course by the 1st July 2014 and forward the details.
    4. Your first CPD year will commence 1 July 2014, therefore you will have no CPD requirements this year.

If you are a Member:

    1. The Code applies to you
    2. If you practice in NSW you will need to display this code at your place of business

If you are a Certified SCENAR Practitioner:

    1. The Code applies to you
    2. If you practice in NSW you will need to display this code at your place of business
[hr]Please contact the office if you have queries.