Mentoring / Support groups


STAA Mentoring Groups aim to create a support network for practitioner members across the country. All practitioners are welcome, association members as well as non-association members.

There will be a nominal charge to cover costs.   If a  Certified SCENAR Practitioner facilitates and leads such a meeting, then costs may include his/her time-costs.

Meeting frequency, date and length is determined by the group (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly.)

The agenda may include: News, Case study presentation, Guest speaker, Report back from conferences or trainings, Business/Practice development etc.

STAA member attendance accrues CPD points at the of one CPD point/hr but until 20 June 2014 will count for 2 CPD points /hr.


Many practitioners have been expressing their concerns about
[check2_list]- feeling isolated[/check2_list] [check2_list]- their annual CPD target and costs associated with on-going training[/check2_list] [check2_list]- needing support from peers[/check2_list] [check2_list]- building business and sales skills[/check2_list]

There are industry forums available here and throughout the world.  There is professional SCENAR training available in Australia and New Zealand.  This training, though important and necessary, does not meet all the needs of a growing professional community.

These mentor/ support groups are being set up to help fill these needs.

They are NOT designed to replace training but we do see that they will play an important part in consolidating the training already received.  These groups are not to be seen as a place to learn new techniques, but rather provide an environment where practitioner members can share with their peers. It’s a chance to treat each other. You will be able to check you are doing things correctly. An opportunity to talk about treatments that may be challenging you and how to move forward with them. These meetings will remind you of treatments and protocols you may not be using.

No new material will be covered, but there will be opportunity to go over old material that has been learned and maybe forgotten.

We envisage the structure of the groups will evolve and will depend on who participates and what level of training they have.  No matter a person’s level of training, each member of a support group will no doubt have something to offer.



These groups will be made up of practitioner members of this association.  Other SCENAR practitioners may be invited.  The groups themselves can decide who is to lead or facilitate the group with the view that it NOT be burdensome.  We can all contribute.  Agendas and ideas may be shared across the groups.

The groups will each report to the association.


Bhavani runs three of these meetings per year in Victoria – the first of which is in April 2014.  Northern Rivers NSW will be holding its first this month, April.  Meeting times and duration must be flexible to fit in with an already incredibly busy group of people.


We acknowledge that not everyone lives/ works close to others.  For some the thought of driving 100s of Kms to get to these support group meetings may be onerous. It may be appropriate, especially where distance is involved, to participate in meetings by Skype.  It may be appropriate for a meeting to be of only two practitioners.

At this early stage in the development of this project we aim to be as flexible and as informal as possible.

[hr]I’m interested … what now?

We need your participation.  That you are interested means you are halfway there.  We need now to gather those interested together where you can form your own groupings.  If this doesn’t work for all of you, we can help. Please answer the following questions and advise us of your interest with any comment you may have here.[vfb id=6]