Continuing Professional Development

What is continuing professional development (CPD)?

All STAA practitioner members (Associate-Practitioner, Member and Certified SCENAR Practitioner categories) have an obligation to keep abreast of current regulatory and legislative changes that are occurring within the Complementary Health sector.

The major purpose of participating in continuing professional development is to develop a SCENAR Practitioner’s knowledge and skills so that they are continually able to:

  • Offer Patients/clients appropriate and effective SCENAR treatment
  • Meet all regulatory requirements and standards
  • Run efficient and profitable businesses

It is our policy to offer our members a wide range of rewarding and educational options that will assist them to maintain their professional proficiency and status.  All Associate-Practitioners, Members and Certified SCENAR Practitioners will be required to follow the new CPD Policy. This policy does NOT apply to Associate (non-practitioners)

The SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia Inc. (STAA) exists to give consumers, regulators and members clarity and surety about the ethics and professional practice of those who commit to the professional expectations of the STAA.

As a practitioner member of the STAA you are declaring you are a SCENAR therapy professional committed to the highest practitioner and ethical standards, and that you are accountable for your actions.  Your membership is a statement about your professionalism — for your patients, colleagues, competitors and for the regulators who monitor the Complimentary Health industry.

A commitment to CPD is critical in building regulator and community trust.  STAA’s CPD policy and program aims to encourage genuine professional growth, providing members with a framework to seek out a broad range of educational activities and experiences appropriate to their professional development.

Specifically, it challenges practitioner members to:

  • take more opportunities to reflect their own professional practice;
  • establish a professional development plan appropriate to their experience and career development goals;
  • participate in a wide range of learning activities that meet the legal and ethical obligations of the profession; and
  • pursue more opportunities for engagement with the profession and the wider community.


CPD Point requirements

Associate-Practitioners are required to accrue 10 points of CPD each financial year. Members are required, as a condition of STAA membership, to accrue a minimum of 20 points of CPD each financial year. CSP® s are required to accrue no less than 30 CPD points each financial year.

All Practitioner Members must track their activity on a Log, in order to comply.  An annual membership cannot be renewed without this compliance.  Download the CPD log to have it handy through the year.  The completed log is to be submitted when you renew your annual membership.

On the rear of the above log you will find a table that outlines what activities can be used to help make up your hours.  If you are having difficulties in meeting these requirements please contact us, we will probably be able to help.