Certified SCENAR Practitioner

Full voting rights at STAA General Meetings

As a Certified SCENAR Practitioner, you are part of one of Australia’s most dynamic and fastest growing professions. The CSP mark will allow you to set yourself apart from other SCENAR Practitioners.

Certified SCENAR Practitioner®, or CSP® is the mark representing the highest professional certification that can be awarded to a Scenar Practitioner in Australasia. CSP practitioners have completed rigorous study in SCENAR therapy, have extensive industry experience, have been endorsed by their peers and abide by the Code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners as well as the STAA Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

To become certified, candidates are required to meet the following initial certification requirements:


  1. Level 3 Scenar Training by a STAA Approved Training Organisation.
  2. Successfully completed 1 Year Anatomy & Physiology (equivalent to 100hrs minimum) as approved by STAA

Industry Experience

CSP certification indicates to the public that you have practical experience in providing SCENAR therapy advice to the public for at least 3 years. The required three years of approved experience can be gained as follows:

  1. Up to one year in a relevant health practitioner role (examples are Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist, and Medical Practitioner, Physiotherapist), plus
  2. Two years of approved SCENAR practitioner experience immediately preceding an application for CSP status.

Professional Conduct

CSP certification requires candidates to agree to adhere to the STAA’s Code of ethics and rules of professional conduct. They will also need to abide by the unregistered health practitioner’s code. This demonstrates to the public that the candidate has agreed to provide personal SCENAR therapy in the patient’s best interest and to act in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards for the practice of SCENAR therapy.


  1. Current First Aid Certificate.
  2. Current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover, minimum $M5
  3. Ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements = 30 hours per calendar year, criteria yet to be finalised.