Membership of a professional association gives you greater security within the profession and credibility with the wider community. Practitioner members of STAA are required to undergo a thorough multi-level training program. Training is to be provided by trainers and training organisations approved by STAA.

There are four levels of membership, namely:

  1. Associate (non practitioner)
  2. Associate-Practitioner
  3. Member
  4. Certified SCENAR Practitioner®

For full detail, please consult our Constitution and our Code Of Ethics, which contains our Rules for professional conduct, and Ethics.

If you want to be part of our professional family and are looking to take up membership you can download our application form. Alternatively, we can send you one.

To pay for your application refer to the Secure Payment sections on this website. Please note we have separate pages for Australian and New Zealand members.

If you have received an invoice from our office requesting a pro rata fee for membership for less than a full financial year, please choose the payment option that best suits your circumstances.