We’re going back to Parliament House

We’re going back to Parliament House

Hello Canberra!  A big day next week as we await Painaustralia’s AGM 2014.  In addition to the usual but necessary AGM procedures, the delegates will be provided with a review of the National Pain Strategy.  The National Pain Strategy was the key outcome of the National Pain Summit held at Parliament House, Canberra, in March 2010.

We were there at the Pain Summit with 200 other delegates representing more than 150 healthcare professional, consumer organisations, funders and not-for-profit bodies concerned with pain and treatment of pain.

As a result of the National Pain Strategy, which was birthed at the Summit, two states, New South Wales and Queensland are now implementing state-wide pain management plans, while others are integrating pain management into their chronic disease management frameworks. A total of 14 new regional pain centres have opened up in three states (NSW, QLD, VIC), and progress is also being made to improve access to education and training for health professionals.

The National Pain Strategy has attracted global interest, particularly in the USA, Canada and Europe.

One of our practitioner members, Helene Nash,  will be representing us to hear from Professor Chris Baggoley the Australian Government Chief Medical Officer, Professor Deborah Schofield, Chair of Health economics University. Other officers of Painaustralia will present an overview of progress being made nationally.

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