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RITM’s Bio SCENAR and the TGA

We have been getting many calls from our practitioner members concerned that their use of the bioSCENAR® may be illegal. Our written advice from the Assistant Director of the Devices Vigilance and Monitoring Medical Devices branch of the Therapeutic Goods Administration dated 24th August 2017. In it she clearly states: "Devices purchased prior to the cancellation may still be used unless they were recalled. If a device had been...
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2016 AGM

  Christmas can't happen until we've had our AGM! WHEN:     Monday, 19th December.   7:00 pm EDT (Sydney) WHERE:  In the comfort of your own ... wherever you are HOW:        Zoom. Access the meeting by computer, mobile or landline. We have emailed details to all members. Please check your inbox as we need your RSVP BYO ...
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STAA supports National Pain Week

The last week in July was National Pain Week (NPW).  The week organised by Chronic Pain Australia was designed to raise awareness of those in chronic pain, culminated in a conference on Friday.  The aims for the NPW were:
  1. To de-stigmatise the experience of chronic pain;
  2. Promote current thinking to explain chronic pain to the wider Australian community;
  3. Create healing relationships between the person in pain and...
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