100s looking for a SCENAR practitioner

100s looking for a SCENAR practitioner

Google provides tools to analyse traffic to websites.  As you know, ours was revamped late last year. So how is it going?

Nearly weekly, the association office passes on referrals to practitioners – many people are still using the phone to find what they are looking for.  More and more are finding us on the internet.

When I look at our own patients at SCENARworks®, one in five found us on the web last year.  That is significant.

The latest Google analysis for January 2014 discloses that we had 716 visitors to the STAA website last month.  The average time each visitor stayed on the site was 2.3mins. The place within the website that most people went to was our find-a-therapist section. In January, Queensland got the most hits.

website-traffic(Incidentally, 60% of people use Windows to find us. 10% use a Mac. However iPad and iPhone users make up 25% of our audience compared to Android mobiles’ 5%.)

What does this tell us?

• People are looking for SCENAR therapists on the internet
• They are finding therapists on our association website

This begs the question:  Are they finding you? Are you on the association website?

If you are not, you will need to complete this form and return it to the office.

If you are, do we have your correct details? If they are incorrect then let us know here.

• If you are a practitioner MEMBER or CSP® you can make it easier for new people to find you by including a complete profile on who you are. MEMBERS can include a photo, CSPs can include more than one photo and video. If this is you, contact us here.

Our members make up the best trained SCENAR practitioners in the world. People are looking for you. Let us help them find you.

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