About Us

SCENAR therapy is emerging as one of the most powerful healing tools in the field of complimentary medicine. As SCENAR becomes more recognised, SCENAR therapists will require a collective voice through which they can make their case. Hence the creation of Australasia’s first SCENAR therapist association.

Statement of Purpose

  1. To develop a trained body of professional accredited SCENAR therapists.
  2. To support the members of the SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia Inc.
  3. To provide information and assistance to the general public about SCENAR Therapy.
  4. To promote the integrity and widespread applicability of SCENAR Therapy.
  5. To represent the interests of professional accredited SCENAR Therapists.

The Executive Committee

The STAA is a non-profit, self regulatory, incorporated association, registered in NSW.  It is administered by committee members appointed by its membership and representing all of Australia and New Zealand for the specific purpose of representing the interest of SCENAR and accredited SCENAR Therapists.
[table td1=”Position” td2=”Name”] [td1]President[/td1] [td2]Vincent P. Bowyer (NSW)[/td2] [td1]Secretary / Treasurer[/td1] [td2]Christine Bowyer (NSW)[/td2] [td1]Representative[/td1] [td2]Dan Popovich (Qld)[/td2] [td1]Representative[/td1] [td2]Bhavani Rooks (Vic)[/td2] [/table]