Non invasive electro neurostimulation prompts the brain to regulate self healing

SCENAR: Welcome!

SCENAR is an acronym that describes the action of bio-feedback controlled neuro-stimulation and has been used to describe not only the original RITM SCENAR devices, but also similar technology such as the ENAR (made by the Chinese under licence), the KEY devices (manufactured by SCENAR Deutschland) and others.

Biological feedback controlled, non-invasive neuro-stimulation (NIN) technology has continued to develop since the invention of SCENAR by the Russians.

The very latest devices are a far cry from the prototypes of the 70s.

The SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia Inc (STAA) is a not for profit, self regulatory, incorporated association registered in NSW.

In recent years SCENAR technology has broadened internationally with other countries from around the world developing similar devices to the original.

SCENAR’s short global history has been peppered with factions, both within Russia and beyond its borders. It has never been our intention to support one faction over another. By way of our constitution, our association of practitioner members remains independent of the commercial interests of the manufacturers and importers of the technologies.

STAA has been supporting SCENAR practitioners through Australia and New Zealand since its inception in 2007. In order to further develop and continue this support, it has become necessary for the association to make changes to its constitution to be more inclusive.

This Association seeks to develop a trained body of SCENAR practitioners (using accredited training providers) and to promote integrity within the industry.

STAA seeks to promote, represent and support the SCENAR profession, contributing to the development of this profession by providing quality resources and services to members and to the wider community.

STAA pursues a policy of self regulation and self determination for professionals within the Health profession that use Non-Invasive Neurostimulation (NIN) technology. By monitoring professional standards within the membership, this association assists in building public confidence in SCENAR therapy.